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Greg Black Mouthpieces

24 models (tenor/alto/bass) from Greg's mouthpiece line. Greg Black Mouthpieces are considered

one of the finest mouthpiece brands in the world.

Houghton Horns

Houghton Horns, located in Keller, is a family business founded in 1985. They have an assortment of trombones and trombone accessories for sale.

Butler Trombones

Carbon Fiber Trombones including ultra-light, extremely durable outer trombone slides that can fit standard inner trombone slides.

Momus Music Editions

Dr. Seth T. Vatt, Bass Trombonist, Creator of and Author of "The Perceptive Trombonist" Series, owner of Momus Music Editions

Trombone Emporium

Previously owned items of anything related to the trombone are for sale from anyone in the DFW area (or beyond).

General suggestions/rules:

  • I'd suggest bringing your mouthpiece (cleaned)

  • You should also bring your instrument when trying out the mouthpieces

  • If you find something you like, don't forget a form of payment

  • PLEASE do not allow unsupervised children to roam freely throughout the exhibits or building.

  • There are thousands of dollars worth of equipment on display. You damage it, you buy it!

  • Any person displaying poor behavior in any way will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave.

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