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High School

I provide supplemental music material throughout the year that correspond with expected classwork and competitions. Through my studio events, students will have the opportunity to perform in fun trombone ensembles to gain more public performing experience and to earn volunteer hours. They can also earn volunteer hours by assisting me in teaching masterclasses to younger groups. 

In general, my goal is to help guide the student to discover how to be a more critical listener and achieve higher musical levels through deeper interpretation of the music, drawing out the beauty that is waiting to be discovered. There is so much that music can do to enrich our lives. Lessons help create a personal path for each student’s music growth.

There are many different scenarios I have to deal with when teaching high school students. Most students want to just have an enjoyable experience in band and work to make the most of that experience. There are some that want the experience without having to work. There are also some that want to continue in music past high school and work harder. All of these students have different agendas and my job is to adapt to each one.

Freshman year is a lot like 7th grade in that there will be many new and challenging concepts to learn in a short amount of time. Marching band is one of those challenges. The work is greatly increased once in high school, but the experiences from competitions, trips and friendships far outweigh the sweat and tears.

My goal specifically for the high school students is to give them as many challenges and performance opportunities as they want to take on. Being in band is a fantastic way to gain life experiences at an early age. To be able to walk into a job interview and already know how to manage their nerves because of the performance opportunities they had in high school is priceless. To create goals and work hard to achieve them, beyond the work they get from their non-music classes, is something that does not go unnoticed by a college committee. Many of my favorite memories come from my experiences in band. There wouldn't have been nearly as many wonderful opportunities if it weren't for my private lesson teachers.

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