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Middle School

I provide supplemental music material throughout the year that correspond with expected classwork and competitions. 

In general, my goal is helping guide the student to discover how to be a more critical listener and achieve higher musical levels through deeper interpretation of the music, drawing out the beauty that is waiting to be discovered. There is so much that music can do to enrich our lives. Lessons help create a personal path for each student’s music growth.

7th grade-

This is a tricky year. Depending on which band the student is placed in, the school's expectation level will be quite different. It's a great honor to win a position in the top band, which is usually dominated by 8th grade students. With that being said, there is also a higher expectation for the top band players and the music is more challenging. I try to stay on track with what I think is best for the student's growth without rushing, but I also will help the student feel as comfortable as possible dealing with the many challenges they will face throughout the school year.

8th grade-

The first semester is fairly similar to what the student experienced during 7th grade. The student won't have too many surprises. During the second semester, if the student plans to continue on their instrument into high school, I begin to take steps acclimating them to high school level music. We focus more on advanced methods and I usually have them perform a moderately easy high school level solo for their solo competition.

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