My life...

I was born and raised in Geneseo, Illinois. My interest in music began at an early age living in a musical family with my father as my band director (now retired). When I first walked into the music store to choose an instrument, I really thought I wanted to play the French Horn. They took one look at me and said I need to try trombone. That was that.

I was fairly successful in high school on trombone, winning most of the auditions I entered. In Illinois, you only get to audition for All-State during your junior and senior years. I won first chair both years.

After high school, I received my Bachelors Degree in Trombone Performance from Western Illinois. I married immediately after graduating and eventually moved down to Midland, Texas. My first wife and I had a son, Noah. After that marriage ended, I decided to move to Denton to attend the University of North Texas for my Masters Degree in Trombone Performance and Doctor of Musical Arts Degree (almost ABD?) in Trombone Performance. There I met Holly, who was a trombonist as well. Holly and I married in 2008 and moved to McKinney. Holly is now the elementary music teacher at McGowen Elementary school in McKinney. I teach private lessons in the surrounding communities.

Now, Holly and I have a son, Alex. Noah, Alex, Holly and I love living in this part of north Texas. Great cities, great people!

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