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This is what they’ll have available. 

-Tenor Trombone- 

Antoine Courtois Legend 420 BO tenor w/ Rotary F attachment 

Bach Centennial LT42 BOFG 

Bach Stradivarius Model 42 AF Tenor w/ Infinity Axial Flow F attachment and lightweight slide 

Bach Stradivarius Model 42 BO Tenor w/ rotary F attachment 

Bach Stradivarius Model 42B OG Tenor w/ rotary F attachment and lightweight slide 

5 full S.E. Shires Trombones (3 extra S.E. Shires Bell Flares) 

Yamaha YSL-448G Tenor 

-Bass Trombone- 

Bach Stradivarius 50 AF3 

-Alto Trombone- 

Shires Custom Alto TBALTSC 

-Trombone Cases- 

Marcus Bonna compact (2) 

Marcus Bonna Superlight 

Marcus Bonna Tenor Detachable Bell 

Marcus Bonna Bass Trombone Case 


Dennis Wick, RGC, Faxx and Trumcor 

-Oils (valve & tuning slide)- 

Hetman Brand

-Slide lubricants- 




Bach and Faxx Brands 


trombone stands 

cleaning equipment 


pencil holders 

Ergobrass trombone supports

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