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Music Basic Training (MBT)

MBT is a summer event, which gives a head start to middle school music fundamentals for incoming 1st year/beginner students (band, choir, orchestra). 

Hosted by Holly and Tony Bianchetta


Both Holly (McGowen Elementary music teacher) and Tony (private music lesson teacher) received their Master of Music degree at the University of North Texas. Holly’s related degree field was music theory. Tony received formal music theory training up through his doctoral studies. Tony also taught a music theory course at a local high school and administered practice exams for the TSSEC Music Theory Exam.


MUSIC BASIC TRAINING is a fun and engaging class focusing on music theory fundamentals essential for the development of music training during the first year in band, choir and orchestra.


The reason students should consider this is because, during their 6th grade year of music, they are introduced to new (and previously taught, but most likely forgotten) music concepts necessary to effectively perform on their voice/instrument. This class helps get a head start to fully understanding these concepts.


Music concepts to be covered: note and rest values, note recognition (bass and treble clef), rhythmic comprehension, time signatures, key signatures, basic music terminology and more…

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