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Heritage High School

14040 Eldorado Pkwy

Frisco, TX  75035


HS Trombone Choir Competition: Auditorium

Masterclass: Auditorium

Exhibits: Band Room

Repair Shop: Band Room (1-4pm)

Concert: Auditorium


The day’s events will be in various locations on the north and east side of the school. Posted signs and event staff will help you find where you’re going once you arrive.


Entrance to all events is located on the east side of the school and has an “Auditorium” sign over the entrance. 


The closest parking lot for all Trombone Celebration 2019 entrances is the northeast parking lot. It’s the parking lot with the marching band tower and the red semi-trailer.


The photos below are from various angles when approaching the event location.

front of school looking east.jpg

front of school looking east

east side of school from Elderado Prkwy.

east side of school from Eldorado Pkwy

entrance to the events.jpg

entrance to the events

east entrance from Independence.jpg

east entrance from Independence Pkwy

east entrance from Elderado Pkwy heading

east entrance from Eldorado Pkwy heading east

east side going north towards back.jpg

east side going north towards the back

east entrance from Independence heading

east entrance from Independence Pkwy

heading south

east entrance parking on right.jpg

east entrance with parking on right

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