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Middle School Lesson information




You MUST read the online Private Lesson Agreement Form (link below) before making your first payment.

Click HERE for access to the Lesson Agreement Form.



Here are the basics: (ISD middle school regulations)

  • Single lessons are $23 per lesson. Once per week.

  • Lessons usually occur during band class, but could possibly occur before or after school hours depending on scheduling.

  • Check with your band director about scholarship opportunities.

  • Payment must be received in advance.

  • Once lessons are set up, financial matters will be conducted through

  • Consecutively missed payments can result in the permanent loss of the student's lesson spot.

  • Advanced notification must be made if a student will miss their lesson. Lack of notification will be counted as a missed lesson and the student will still be charged.

Financial Manager:

My wife, Holly, is my financial manager for my studio. She’ll be using the address PLEASE add this email to your email contacts asap so that it doesn’t go to your junk mail.


Payment: (ISD middle school regulations)

  • Lessons are taught throughout the 2023-24 school year.

  • Payment is $23 per lesson and must be paid in advance.

  • Payment options are listed below. 

  • Payment methods are listed below.

  • There is possibly scholarship/financial aid offered through your band program. Ask your director for more information.

  • Notification/invoice for each payment due will be sent from


Payments Options are as follows: ($23 per lesson)

  • STANDARD= ($92 each)

    • This option (most common payment option) means that payment is due every four lessons regardless of the starting day. After the 4th lesson is taught, you'll receive an invoice for the next four lessons to be taught and so on. Please understand that his is not a monthly payment. The payment will always be the same unless under special circumstances.

  • Other payment options will be considered upon request. Options include Semester payment option and more.

Methods of payment accepted: (online payment preferred, instructions below)

  • Zelle

  • Venmo

  • PayPal

  • Check or cash by mail (payable to Tony Bianchetta). Please inform me if using this method. Address will be sent upon request.




PAYPAL: Go to, type in the amount, and make the payment. The Financial Manager, Holly Bianchetta’s name is on this account.**There is NO FEE if using the “friends and family” payment option. As a reminder, you will be billed for any fee taken out of the total amount due. It's the same as if paying tax for a bill, but can be avoided if following these instructions.

*You'll have 2 payment choices: 1) Send money to friends and family. 2) Pay for goods or services.

**There is NO FEE if using the “friends and family” payment option.

**There IS A FEE if using the "goods or services" payment option. The fee is 2.9% of the payment plus $0.30. This fee needs to be added to the total amount owed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding lessons.

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