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High School Music Theory

This summer class is based on the concepts taught in an AP Music Theory Course and the expected test materials of the TSSEC UIL State Music Theory Contest Exam for high school students (band, choir, orchestra). It will help you prepare for the AP Music entrance exam and give you a head start by introducing much of what the AP class covers. Even if you don’t plan on taking the AP Music Theory course, this class will help you have a better understanding of how music is created.

Hosted by: Holly and Tony Bianchetta


Both Holly (McKinney Elementary music teacher) and Tony (freelance musician and studio lesson teacher) received their Master of Music degree at the University of North Texas. Holly’s related degree field was music theory. Tony received formal music theory training up through his doctoral studies. Tony also taught a music theory course at a local high school and administered practice exams for the TSSEC Music Theory Exam.


This class focuses on music theory elements helpful in the development of all music students in band, choir and orchestra. It primarily focuses on the concepts taught in an AP Music Theory class and based off of the expected test material for the TSSEC State Music Theory Contest Exam.


Primary concepts to be covered: Music notation/clefs, ear training, chord(s) structure, cadences, music analysis, intervals/inversions, musical terminology and more…

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