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Summer Lessons

Summer lessons allow your student the opportunity to maintain the progress they’ve achieved during the school year and build momentum going into the next year. It’s also an opportunity for pre-beginner students to get a head start. Most students who take summer lessons have significant improvement and accomplish higher goals than students who do not.


Summer lessons allow me the opportunity to focus on potential upcoming Region Audition music (if applicable) and, most importantly, on fundamentals each student personally struggles with hindering their progress and path to success. Each student has his/her personal struggles when playing. Practice habits, high/low range, articulations, tone quality, and musical interpretation are just a few of the fundamentals we would focus on. Lessons during the school year allow me a limited time to focus on these issues as I am also trying to help each student prepare, while feeling more confident, for their various competitions.


I'm offering summer lessons mainly through the virtual platform, but will also consider in-person lessons for beginners and those that would highly prefer the in-person option over the virtual option.

Benefits of virtual lessons:

  • Scheduling is much more flexible (days, times)

  • Be advised that only one school within a school cluster (middle and high schools) is open to teach and is only open one specific day per week. There is no travel required for virtual lessons.

  • No parent involvement needed

  • There are typically less distractions for the student when they receive lessons within the comfort of their own home.

If in-person lessons are chosen, lessons will be taught at my home in my open library. 


Reasons/benefits for in-person lessons at my home:

  • I live just minutes from most schools I work through. My house is in McKinney about a minute from Custer Road and the McKinney Airport.

  • I teach students from over half a dozen schools in two different school districts. My home is central to most schools.

  • Teaching at the assigned school (remember only one school per cluster) is offered on one specific day per week. I'll have more options for teaching days.

  • There will be no issues finding a practice room, which can be an issue, and no issues with air conditioning. Also, plenty of space between myself and the student.

  • I have all my materials at hand that I can't bring to the school including recording equipment, computer access and MUCH more.

  • Parents just drop their student off and can have a little free time. I always have a family member at my home (wife and children).


If interested in joining the summer lessons progam, contact me for more summer lesson information (specific location, pricing, other procedures) at Summer lessons can officially begin June 1st. My summer studio fills quickly so don’t delay.

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