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Mr. B's Trombone Camp

The summer trombone camp provides a fantastic opportunity for tenor and bass trombonists to avoid what we'd call "summer chops." The camp occurs almost every Thursday throughout the summer. Many students will miss a week here or there due to vacations, which is understandable and perfectly acceptable.

The trombone camp is divided into 2 seperate classes. Students can participate in one or both camps. The first class is a Region Prep class (tenor and bass are taught separately), which focuses on potential etudes from the etude book already chosen for the upcoming TMEA year. The second class is a Trombone Ensemble class where students get to practice fun and challenging trombone ensemble music together and then give a public performance at the end of the summer. The concert is recorded so that each student can receive a recording reminding them of the fun they had in class.

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