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Summer Lessons are currently Online (basic info, email me for more details)

Summer lessons allow your student the opportunity to maintain the progress they’ve achieved during the school year and build momentum going into the next year. It’s also an opportunity for pre-beginner students to get a head start. Most students who take summer lessons have significant improvement and accomplish higher goals than students who do not. Summer lessons allow me the opportunity to focus much more on fundamentals each student personally struggles with hindering their progress and path to success. Each student has his/her personal struggles when playing. Practice habits, high/low range, articulations, tone quality, and musical interpretation are just a few of the fundamentals we would focus on. Lessons during the school year allow me a limited time to focus on these issues as I am also trying to help each student prepare, feeling confident, for their various competitions.


Difference between summer lessons from school semester lessons:

All summer lessons are currently virtual.

Benefits of summer lessons:

  • Scheduling is much more flexible (days, times). Lessons can vary day to day and from week to week based on your need. Weeks can be skipped if needed.

  • Students stay in the privacy and safety of their own home as lessons are virtual.


Summer schedule:

I'm available every week during the summer with the exception of a short family vacation. There will be designated days each week where lessons spots will be available.

Online teaching platforms:

Zoom is preferred. FaceTime and Skype are also acceptable. These are all free teaching platforms for the students.


I use Sign Up Genius allowing families to schedule lessons (link sent upon request).

Scheduling options (days, times) sent upon request.

Payment info:

Payment amount and payment options are sent upon request. 

Lesson amount is based on the set amount required by the school district.


Contact me for more summer lesson information (pricing, other procedures) at My summer studio fills quickly so don’t delay.

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